After-Prom Party

PTSA works year-round to plan, prepare and execute an all-nighter partying event for prom-goers to enjoy following the traditional prom dance. Typically, the event is theme-driven: Comic Con, Great Gatsby, etc, and the venue is decorated to reflect that theme. The event boasts a casino, games, booths, food and gifts; all of which are operated by parents volunteering for a multi-tude of shifts.

This event is made possible through donations from parents, teachers and local businesses year after year. Keeping our kids safe is priority, so creating an evening of fun to be remembered is something we take very seriously. There is an entire committe devoted specifically for this event.

If you are interested in joining this committee, donating your time or sharing your ideas, please contact our After-Prom chairperson, Amy Hendrickson, here.




It’s happening right now!  After-Prom Committee meetings and decorating and plan execution! We need help, and lots of it.

Decoration preparations begin January 2018 for this wonderful event, and continue every Tuesday through April 19, 2018- yes, its that HUGE! We cannot possibly do it all without a small army to help. If you have an hour or two to spare, please join us Tuesdays from 6:30-9 in the cafeteria at RV, and bring along a friend or two! We invite parents from ALL CLASSES to participate, not just those with Juniors and Seniors. We’d love to have local parent groups, sports teams or any other folks from organized groups/activities and anyone in the neighborhood that would like to help.
This is a perfect way to get involved and meet other people and parents in this wonderful community in which we live. See you there!
Absolutely could not pull this off without the contributions of so many.
Thank you.
For more information, please contact Amy Hendrickson here.

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