Parent Presentation tonight!

Throughout the year, our PTSA brings in outside speakers to come in and provide valuable information for parents. This semester, PTSA plans to bring back speakers from the fall. Sara Bontrager and Dr. Jeff Bontrager.

The Bontragers will return to Ralston Valley to discuss the importance of managing teen stress. The push to get good grades and participate in after school activities can sometimes drive students to be some of the most stressed out sector of our population today. The Bontragers have an excellent way of sharing their personal and professional experiences with parents that also informs, entertains and educates. These presentations are brought to you by the PTSA to make sure parents benefit from some of the wonderful local resources.

If you were not able to attend their previous talk last fall on Mental Health, take a peek at this:

The presentation this Tuesday, March 6, will pick up from the end of their presentation last fall.    

They will be speaking at 7:30pm on Tuesday, March 6 (after the PTSA meeting) in the RV library. All parents are welcome to attend. This is very relevant and worthwhile subject matter for parents.

Any questions, please contact Kathleen Keelan, [email protected]

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